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Does kitty need greens in her diet?

Does kitty need greens in her diet?

Nutrition is the Key to Good Health

We all know the importance of food when it comes to good health, but what constitutes a good diet for an obligate carnivore? And what about all this buzz around species-appropriate diets for cats? Your ZenCat vet can take the mystery out of feeding your cat for optimum health, considering your cat's unique requirements, and your budget and lifestyle situation.

Food Allergies

From itchy skin to vomiting and diarrhea, a large percentage of cats simply can't tolerate certain foods or ingredients. When food becomes the enemy, let us help you figure out which proteins are causing your cat's issues, and find a diet that keeps her happy and healthy.

Weight Problems

Whether you've got a chunky monkey, or a skinny mini, dealing with your cat's weight issues can really take a toll. Let's find a solution to your kibble-addict, or super-picky-eater, that gets them on track for improving their body condition, and avoiding problems like knee and joint issues or muscle-wasting.

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